Friday, 19 June 2015


Today Oxford United centre back Chey Dunkley has admitted breaching the FA's anti-doping regulations.

Chey Dunkley is daft for getting himself caught up in this, however the rules and regulations set by the FA need a long, hard looking at. Dunkley has asthma for crying out loud, all he was doing was using his inhaler. What is wrong with that? It feels like Chey is getting punished for having asthma, which is wrong. Dunkley should have researched about the banned substance so he has to take responsibility to an extent. However I maintain that the rules are just ridiculous and need changing as soon as possible.

A spokesperson from the football club had this to say on the matter: "Chey Dunkley suffers from asthma and was not aware of the restriction on salbutamol use. As a club, we accept the FA ruling"

Dunkley will not face a ban for his actions but will be subject to target testing for the next two years. I think it is only right that Chey gets a slap on the wrist for this, any more would have been farcical. The last thing the club needs is for a player to get caught up in a doping scandal. Chey seems like a honest lad and there is no harm done but he must learn from this experience. I hope this makes him more determined to prove himself in a yellow shirt and try and force his way back into the first team picture.